Open Enrollment Courses

Steve Disick

April 5, 2021

We are excited to announce multiple Open Enrollment courses and clinics that can take you or your team members from basic rescue knowledge to advanced specialty clinics.  This includes courses with Alan Sunshine of Ropegeeks!!!  All of these courses are on our website now and are open for registration.


Early bird discounts are available for all of the courses and can save you as much as 20% off the cost of the course.  Registering for a course is super simple and can be done from any device.  


Currently there are two main tracks of Open Enrollment available - Confined Space Rescue and Rope Rescue.  Let’s start off with the Confined Space Rescue Course options:


These are all held at our indoor training center in Albany, NY and may have some nearby off site industrial locations.


40 hour NFPA Confined Space Rescue Technician Course - one of our most popular classes, our facility was built around making the best and most realistic confined space rescue training prop. This class meets the JPRs of NFPA 1006, has been approved for equivalency for New York State firefighters, and covers OSHA 1910.146 and NFPA 350 as well.


Confined Space - Small Team Clinic - This course has been extremely popular and well-reviewed by students.  For those who have limited rescuers available or for those who are looking to work more efficiently, this clinic will surprise you of what you can be capable of when resources are light.


Confined Space - Rigging Challenges - We like to think of this clinic like an episode of Law and Order, where the story was "Ripped from the Headlines".  In the case of Confined Space - Rigging Challenges we ripped the skills from actual jobs and challenges we've had and had to implement at clients’ sites. You will be challenged with getting over and around objects, removal from elevation, horizontal openings into vertical shafts and creating anchors where one doesn’t exist.

For our Open Enrollment Rope Rescue courses, we are proud to announce that two of the courses will be in conjunction with Alan Sunshine of Ropegeeks.  There will be two flavors served with Ropegeeks, one in the wilderness and the other in an industrial setting.  The overall principles and course concepts are identical, but the locations and challenges presented in each of them will vary to suit our various clients’ needs. The Advanced Industrial Rigging and Artificial High Directional Workshop with CTR and Ropegeeks will be held at our training facility in Albany, NY, while the Advanced Wilderness Rigging and Artificial High Directional Workshop with CTR and Ropegeeks will be held in Trumansburg, NY – just outside of Ithaca.

Our last course that is available now is an Advanced Rigging and Artificial High Directional workshop.  This class will be taught by our own Cliff Freer and is guaranteed to keep you rigging throughout the course of the day.


While each course will start with about an hour of administrative and introduction time, the remainder of the days will be filled with hands on exercises, demonstrations and more. We strive to keep everyone learning by doing!  


Please contact us with any questions about these courses and also feel free to let us know what other open enrollment style courses you would like to see.  If you are interested in your whole team attending one of these classes, contact us and we can arrange for training at your facility.

Class is in session!

Most of the courses are held at our indoor training center in Albany, NY and may have some nearby off-site industrial locations.

The wilderness class with Ropegeeks will be held in Trumansburg, NY.