Our Mission

To provide safe, effective and efficient training and rescue services to our clients.  

Capital Technical Rescue and Safety Consultants, LLC (CTR) was formed in 2006 to serve the needs of emergency response personnel whose job duties specifically task them with performing a variety of technical rescue disciplines.  These responders have come from a variety of agency types including: federal and municipal public sector emergency services as well as private industry emergency response teams and fire brigades.

The primary staff of CTR has been working and teaching together for over 25 years, prior to the formation of the company.  Their backgrounds vary from volunteer to career firefighters and fire officers, emergency medical technicians to paramedics, and emergency responses from the smallest local incident to natural disasters and terrorist attacks that have had a global impact.

Previous and current CTR contracts have included teaching technical rescue courses from 6 to over 350 students, with scheduled completion ranging from a single day to over the course of several months.  This flexibility has allowed our clients to minimize overtime expenses and ensure that production or response is negligibly impacted.  This is also true for our industrial clients and has led us to be one of the most experienced groups of standby rescuers.

Our Training Facility

CTR has a warehouse full of rescue equipment, including rescue boats.  Depending on the needs of the client and our hazard surveys will depend on what equipment is required.  Typical CTR Confined Space Rescue Equipment list:

Atmospheric Monitors RAE Systems
Rescue Rope, variety of lengths
Mechanical Advantage Rope Systems
Anchor straps
Tripods, bipods and monopods
Patient packaging gear, SKED, SPEC PAK
Edge protection

Ventilation Fan (for actual emergencies only)
Supplied Air Systems (SAR) and SCBA
Pulley systems
Rope winch system
Fall arrest rescue equipment
Intrinsically safe radios and lighting
Reference material, iPads, onsite phone
Additional hardware and software as needed

In addition to the rescue equipment, we have our own indoor training facility for rope and confined space rescue.  Our props are utilized in clients’ courses as well as in testing out new equipment and techniques and keeping our staff up to date.  

The confined space rescue simulator has multiple levels, opening types, dimensions and space configurations.  These include both vertical and horizontal access points, vessels with bottom openings, top openings and more.  The simulator is also located in doors and allows us to train throughout the year, regardless of weather conditions.

Steve Disick
A career fire Lieutenant with the City of Albany, NY., Steve has been in emergency services for over 28 years in both the career and volunteer contingents. He now works as a Lieutenant on the Rescue Squad in the City of Albany, NY, the capital cities heavy rescue.

Prior to working as a firefighter he worked as a Paramedic/Rescue Specialist in the Special Operations Division and Aviation unit for a municipal EMS agency.

Steve has served as a Rescue Specialist and a Rescue Squad Officer with the Technical/Urban Search and Rescue Team, New York Task Force 2. He was deployed to the World Trade Center disaster on 9-11-01. He has been the Rescue Squad Officer for multi-agency trench rescues, swift-water rescues, and building collapse responses. In addition he has responded to numerous technical rescue incidents including confined space, rope rescues and machinery extrications.

Steve is a nationally certified Fire Service Instructor Level 2 and has been developing and teaching technical rescue courses since 2001 for a variety of State Fire Academies. He has also been SPRAT certified Level 2 lead rope access technician, competent tower climber & rescuer, and currently holds multiple IRTA Level 3 Instructor Certifications. He is also a FAA Part 107 Remote Pilot and has helped multiple state, federal and local agencies start their UAS (drone) programs and trained their pilots. Steve has worked for the State University of New York's National Center for Security and Prepardness as a Subject Matter Expert in UAS, and is a Technical Expert 3 with DroneResponders - a non-profit public safety program.
Pete Benedetto Sr.
A 30 year fire service veteran, currently active with the West Albany Fire Department, NY. serving as lieutenant for 3 years and assigned to the haz-mat unit.

Pete retired after 30 years of operating and maintaining a municipal training facility in upstate New York. The facility provides fire, confined space, mask confidence, haz-mat, and rope rescue training.

He is a member of The New York State Urban/Technical Search and Rescue Team, NY-TF2, since 1998. Currently serving as a Rescue Team Manager, he was deployed on 9/11/01 to the World Trade Center disaster where he served as a Rescue Squad Officer and a Team Leader. Peter has responded to numerous rescue incidents including trench, building collapse, confined space, haz-mat, and rope rescues serving as a Rescue Specialist as well as Rescue Squad Officer.

Peter has been a NYS Fire Instructor for the Office of Fire Prevention and Control Special Services Bureau since 1999 teaching technical rescue programs throughout New York State. He is a New York State Fire Service Instructor Level 2 and was a SPRAT certified Level 1 rope access technician.