2022 NYS Technical Rescue Conference

Steve Disick

March 23, 2022

Excited to announce we are once again presenting at the Technical Rescue Conference at the NYS DHSES State Preparedness Training Center!!

This year we will be presenting two 180 minute hands on workshops  1. Rigging Challenges and 2. Small Teams / Efficiency in Rescue.

The rigging challenges clinic will look at system safety factors, rigging with low overhead clearances, span anchors, lowering and raising over and around objects, working within a small footprint and more.

Lowering and raising around obstructions

The small teams clinic will look at how we can be more efficient through equipment selection and utilization. Students will use this equipment to rig various systems and operate them within a small team (3 - 4 rescuers) mindset.

Using personal equipment to do system work

Since the 1st technical rescue conference we have presented multiple programs to include lead climbing, tower rescue, belay systems best practices, capstans to the rescue, confined space rescue - tricks of the trade, and utilizing UAS (drones) for technical rescue.

Capstan demonstration

These 2022 programs are ones you won't want to miss, especially if you have seen when we have held the clinics before!

Registration Info from New York State: (As of 3/23/2022 - Registration is not yet open - we will advise when it is)

Technical Rescue Conference Announcement (PDF)

Registration will be completed online via the NYS Learning Management System (https://lmsportal-dhses.ny.gov/acadisviewer/login.aspx). To register for our training, you will need to have an active account within the system.

The link to create an account is below. If someone needs to create an account please use Office of Fire Prevention and Control (OFPC) for the “Training Academy with in DHSES”.

If they aren't a resident of NYS they will use the following information; Organization affiliation will be code “67999” for OUT OF STATE. They should complete all other areas to the best of their ability, if they have any questions in regards to completing the form please feel free to email us for assistance. Once active users register for training in NYS, they will receive a registration notification that their name is submitted for consideration. When the registrant is accepted into the training they will receive a second email informing them they are Enrolled in the training course.

There are two parts to the conference; A hands-on training session we refer to as the pre-conference that has prerequisites in the disciplines that are being offered, those programs are delivered by our full-time staff. These programs will have their own registration separate from that of the conference. The conference itself does not have any prerequisite trainings requirements and is open to all emergency responders.

NYS Training also requires students to have a Training Authorization Letter completed by a department/agency official verifying meeting agency requirement to participate or attend in training as well as formalizing department approval to attend. This will need to be submitted to the lead instructor for each student attending the first day of their attendance, conference or pre-conference.

There is no cost to attend the conference, however at this time lodging for out of state attendees is not covered by NYS. All lodging reservations are made by the student, once the student is directed they are ENROLLED by OFPC. A list of area hotels is provided in their registration email. Gov’t rate for the area (Oneida County) is currently $96 a night if the location has rooms available at the rate. All attendees are provided Lunch during the conference sessions, breakfast and dinners are the responsibility of the attendees.

Class is in session!

Most of the courses are held at our indoor training center in Albany, NY and may have some nearby off-site industrial locations.

The wilderness class with Ropegeeks will be held in Trumansburg, NY.