Company Response

Updated 5/19/2021
CTR takes the COVID-19 Pandemic seriously and has worked with all of our clients to still safely perform essential work and training. Since December of 2020, CTR employees began receiving their vaccinations, which many were eligible for with their primary jobs as first responders. Even with being vaccinated, we have not let our guard down and continue to ensure we are providing safe and effective training and standby rescue services.

Our offices and training center and back open, but by appointment only. The best way to contact us is still either via e-Mail at or phone at 518-930-4500. Daily symptom and temperature monitoring is still mandatory for all CTR staff and students. Our training center has a non-contact thermometer at the entrance to ensure everyones safety.

Vaccinated CTR staff, students, visitors and observers may now elect to not wear face coverings following the CDC guidelines. Regardless of vaccination status, if training locations or clients sites still require face coverings then all CTR staff, students, visitors and observers must follow that locations requirements.

We take our clients and employees safety very seriously and we wanted to address how we have been proactive since the start of this pandemic. CTR recognized that it is an essential business as we provide support for other essential government and private industries such as telecommunication, pharmaceutical, sanitary products, chemical plants, microelectronics, firefighters and emergency services .  Therefore we have established policies and procedures to ensure a safe and healthy work environment. Our policies have been very dynamic and updated as information about COVID-19 evolved. Our first steps were to conduct risk assessments with guidance from the Center for Disease Control (CDC) at a higher level than necessary for our services. We felt that going with the same standards as health care providers would ensure the highest level of safety and best practices that we could have. Immediately we implemented restrictions at our facility, in our vehicles and at work sites for employees, visitors and contractors who had any single symptom including: fever (>99.9°F/37.7C), cough, body aches, flu-like symptoms, sore throat, difficulty breathing, diarrhea associated with an acute illness, uncontrollable secretions / excretions resulting in sneezing or blowing nose. Of course we also implemented CDC recommendations, made hand washing mandatory and provided additional hand sanitizer, and cleaning procedures for equipment, vehicles and work areas. We worked with our equipment manufacturers to ensure that our cleaning procedures and products are compatible with our life safety equipment.

CTR employees then began to perform daily self-screening and document on a digital tracking survey prior to the start of any work. Any single sign or symptom precludes the employee from work. Additional prevention based guidelines include recommended self-screening when off-duty, and following CDC guidelines.

Many of our clients have their own COVID-19 protocols, procedures and documentation that we must submit prior to arrival and/or the start of work at their site. To help track this we made changes to our custom database. This allows us to keep these forms digital and send them remotely via our phones, tablets or computers. Much of our day to day operations utilizes our custom database and has always allowed us to work in the cloud.

Rescue Stand-by Teams

Stand-by rescue teams are available for all jobs. You will get the same prepared, professional and experienced staff that our clients have come to expect from us.  In addition you can rest assured that we have prepared for this pandemic and that our crews will help promote safety and now healthy workplace practices as recommended by the CDC.

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Unfortunately, most of our training in 2020 was postponed, with some of it being re-scheduled in the fall and winter months.  This means that if you are looking for future training (spring 2021 and beyond), contact us and get it scheduled ASAP.  We are going to book up very fast so that we can accommodate the training that has been postponed.  Our 2020 spring calendar was the busiest it has ever been in our 14 years in operation.  

Some of our classes can be done via video conference.  Our software allows for up to 100 students to join in and participate in a class. As an example, we taught our popular Elevator Operations: Firefighting and Rescue Operations for a fire departments weekly drill. The class was given twice, once to their day time responders and a second time to the rest of the membership.  The programs were well received and allowed everyone to practice social distancing while still participating in training from the comfort of their own home, office or anywhere in the world!

We have been back at training within our facility, ensuring students are temperature screened daily and answer a wellness questionnaire. An extra hand washing station was made available in addition to hand sanitizer throughout the facility.

Each day the facility is used it receives a through disinfection utilizing an electrostatic sprayer with Vital Oxide,  an EPA registered hospital disinfectant cleaner approved by the EPA for use against SARS-CoV-2, the coronavirus that causes the COVID-19.

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